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Fwd: BOLD performances, Red Tents, Karen's online pregnancy class and more!

Posted Mar 10 2011 2:47pm

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Date: Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 11:03 AM
Subject: BOLD performances, Red Tents, Karen's online pregnancy class and more!

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BOLD action logo
Duluth, MN 08
                                                               Winter 2011
Dear BOLD Supporters,

It may still be cold outside, but BOLD is heating up...raising awareness and money for mother-friendly maternity care!

My community organizer spirit is rising more and more every day. I want to see mother-centered birth become the norm - and mom's demand it! Through The My Body Rocks Project I'm speaking about how to creatively empower birthing mothers so they get the mom-birth they deserve! And I'm creating a kick-butt pregnancy empowerment program using the characters in my play BIRTH, dance, and yoga nidra (sleep!). I can't wait to teach this creative and empowering approach to doulas, childbirth educators, and birth activists this summer. I hope you'll  join me when I announce the dates! In the meantime if you have thoughts or opinions on creating creative childbirth education that's mother-centered, I'd love to hear them


BOLD is really rocking the world these days. There is so much to read in our winter E-News - enjoy!


PS: Want a mom-centered birth? Consider signing up for my pregnancy online class! Registration ends tomorrow, March 11th! (see details on the sidebar)

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BIRTH in Montreal raises over $7,000 for Canadian VBAC information organization
BOLD 2010 Montreal  Three nights of theater, 520 audience members, and raising over $7000 for AVAC-info made the premiere of "Naissance" (BIRTH in French) a huge success in Montreal and Quebec, Canada!


"We had a wonderful time performing BIRTH ! The feed back we got from the audience was also part of the excitement when we realized what the show did to people...we made them laugh, we made them cry. Most people, men and women were deeply moved by the show. Some came to us still crying... Many young women who hadn't given birth yet were overwhelmed by the experience of the show...We felt 'useful'. We felt like we were held by some magic the whole time. We felt really priviledge to be part of such a great show talking about fundamental human experiences."   

Read coverage of the show in La Presse before and after the performances.  


The cast and crew will take NAISSANCE on the road this year to many locations around Montreal and Quebec starting with a May 17 performance. For more information visit their website

BOLD Tampa raises money for Real Birth Coalition and reaches outside birth "choir"   

Tampa, FL 2011


On March 3 and 4 BOLD Tampa, Florida produced two performances of BIRTH to raise money for the Real Birth Coalition .


"We had an amazing turnout and completely surpassed our goal! We know in this process we have 'reached out of the choir' and spoke to SO MANY people who may not have known about maternity care issues. We hope we have inspired others to start advocacy work for women and their babiesand are looking forward to many more projects to come!"

Karen visits BOLD Fernie, British Columbia


If there is one thing I've learned after writing a play about childbirth in America from the perspective of mothers it's that the story is always right. Who can challenge a woman when she tells the story of how she gave birth? It's her story, right?


No, says one-too-many medical professionals and lay audience people. Coercion in the labor and delivery room is not happening, women are misinterpreting casual comments made like "this baby is a big one" and blowing them way out of proportion, and if they are so traumatized after childbirth why are they not telling their doctors?


I had the privilege of traveling to Fernie, British Columbia in October to see two performances of my play "Birth" and witness first-hand the power and challenges of confronting big questions like these in a small town where everybody knows each other.


To read more click here  

Take a sneak peek at BOLD Muskoka's rehearsals for BIRTH!

BOLD 2011 Muskoka - 2


Later this month BOLD Muskoka, Canada premieres BIRTH in their community. Click here to take a sneak peek at them rehearsing!


BOLD Red Tent in San Diego to raise money this weekend for low income woman to access midwifery care

BOLD 2011 RT San Diego

Melissa Lang Little is one BOLD mama. She recently started the Mamatoto Birth Project in San Diego, California and their first event will be a BOLD Red Tent!  

"In a nutshell, my initial desire in 2011 is to raise money, donations, and grants in order to provide at least one midwife-assisted home birth to a woman and her baby that otherwise couldn't afford it. "


If you live in the San Diego area stop by the BOLD Red Tent this weekend to support Melissa and pregnant moms.

BOLD Red Tent in Fort Worth, Texas to creatively tell birth stories

RT Fort worth 2011

   BOLD Fort Worth is at it again! Last year they produced a very successful production of BIRTH (and plan to do it again this year!) and in April they will be holding a BOLD Red Tent turning it into an Art of Birth event with mixed media art and performance.


Go tell your birth story! Follow them on Facebook


BIRTH is now in Spanish! Premiere in Uruguay this year!



We want to give a shout-out to Cecilia Caballero Jeske in Uruguay for overseeing the first Spanish translation of BIRTH. The play is called "Nacer" in Spanish! Cecilia regularly produces theater-for-social-change plays in Uruguay on women's issues. She plans to produce NACER throughout Uruguay, to both  wealthy and poor communities, throughout 2011/2012.


You Rock, Cecilia! 

BOLD Links
Find us on Facebook
BOL D website
BOLD Events
How to be BOLD
Karen's blog
holding hands bracelet

Yoga Parenting: More Joy, Less Stress


Pregnant or work with pregnant mamas?

 pregnant mom

Sign up for Karen's upcoming 

My Body Rocks Pregnancy online class  

in partnership with Mothering. This class is all about having a mom-centered birth! In addition to other tools, every week moms will view an excerpt from the play BIRTH and discuss it in a weekly teleconference in relationship to tapping into your pregnancy power.  

Registration ends tomorrow so sign up now .

Ina May Gaskin rocks! 


Read her new book!

Ina May

Karen writes on sleep, motherhood, and how she wrote BIRTH

mothering Check out Karen's piece

"My Body Rocks"  

in the current March-April issue of Mothering Magazine! In it she writes about how a powerful nap called Yoga Nidra helped her write BIRTH and start the BOLD movement.


Karen also wrote about sleep recently in the Huffington Post. Read her,

"Memo to Moms: It's Eat, Pray, Sleep"  


Karen wants you to nap with her!

Need a nap? Karen's leading a once-a-year online "40-Day Nap Challenge for Moms" starting March 29th. She will teach you yoga nidra and many of the techniques she uses in her My Body Rocks Project workshops! Click


for details. Register by March 15 and save!

Midwives' Diner?

Check out this film on You Tube directed by former BOLD Wilmington, North Carolina Organizer Kirsti Kreuter.  It's short and says alot!

View our videos on YouTube

BOLDly important




(a new song to promote maternal health worldwide!)

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