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Full Term-ish

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:25pm
I'm 37 weeks today which marks the full-term milestone for a lot of providers.  Some say 36 weeks; some say 38, but the vast majority seem to consider 37 weeks full term.  My baby in all likelihood could now take on the world. And I'm sure he (or she) will.

Although I have no real reason to think that he is going to decide to come anytime soon.  The average gestation for a first time mom is around 41w1d, I believe.  And I have no signs that this one is going to come before average. No identifiable contractions, no desire to "nest," no loss of mucous plug or bloody show. Absolutely nothing, but the occasional menstrual-like cramp.  And even I won't try to find a sign in that. Pumpernickel seems happy where he is.  Although like all things in pregnancy, the tide could change in a matter of moments.

My prenatal appointment Tuesday went well.  Baby continues to be head down with heartbeat in the 140s.  He seems perfectly content in there.  I had by GBS swap, but didn't ask for cervical check. The result of a cervical check could only be so good.  Either I have no progress (depressing) or I have some progress (making me think that I have a chance to go early followed by going maddenly late).  It's best to just avoid.  Besides, I'm early for "progress" anyway.  I always forget to ask what they have as my starting weight, but I think I've gained between 33-35 lbs though.  I should really stop eating everything I crave.  I should, but I won't.  No one ever mentions my excessive weight gain to me, so I guess I'm all right for now.  Appointments are now moving to once a week  -- which means at most I have 5 appointments left.  

After the OB appointment, Tony and I met with our doula.  Our hospital has this unique and amazing service in which they provide doulas for free to patients who want them.  We lose the at home and follow-up service of a private doula, but we save lots of money.  To be honest, a doula is probably cost prohibitive at this point.  The meeting went well.  Her philosophy on birth is very similar to mine.  And she doesn't seem to be obsessed with pushing her agenda on to me.  Interpretation:  she won't take it personally if I decide I want drugs after all.  I feel really good after talking to her.  If we can avoid the one midwife I really don't care for, we'll have a great "team" present for the birth.

Other than that, things are falling into place.  After I get some bassinet sheets and throw a load of baby clothes in the washer, we'll have everything we need for Pumpernickel to come home.  We still have a little ways to go for everything to be just the way I want it, but those things aren't a big enough deal for me to hope that the baby waits it out.  My "birth plan" -- such as it is -- is written and discussed.  And I have a list all ready for things to pack for the hospital whenever I get around to packing that.  Deep breath.  Things are coming together swimmingly.

-- Mya
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