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Frusterated? of course.

Posted Jun 26 2008 12:00am

I was really getting fed up with my cycle. Temps were not going up like they are supposed to (they KNOW better) we've been doing this dance for over 10 years and every once in a while my body likes to throw curves. Just to see how I handle it. I NEVER handle it well! I get mad, frusterated and angry at my body. Why dosen't it learn? Many, many women get pregnant....easily. Their bodies KNOW how this all works, but not mine. Slow learner.
so temp went up today, i didn't ovulate today, did that with low temps. but today, i had a normal, big girl temp! yippie.

I am still dealing with the adrenal and thryoid issues. I have some other things that need testing. This isn't going as smoothly as it should and that is telling me I have other deficiencies. I need to check aldosterone, and sex hormones next. It's been awhile since hormones were tested. 2001 I yeah, time to see what's going on in there! meanwhile i feel ok, not great but certainly better than before I started treating my AI. I have been working with dh. Finishing a house and I'm totally keeping up! (she says in a proud voice) Just need to get pregnant. NOW. I'm tired of being patient.

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