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Friday Funnies

Posted Aug 01 2014 12:05pm

Me: "What do you put flowers in?
Sidge: "A flower?"
Me: "No. What do you put it in?"
Sidge: "A vase."
Me: "Okay. Now, read number 2. You like to eat me. What am I?"
Sidge: "A plate?"
Me: "A plate! Sidge! No. What would you eat in that picture?"
Sidge: "Oh. A cake."
Me: "Right. Number three. I fix a torn page. What am I?"
Sidge: "Toilet paper."
Me: "Seriously?"
Sidge: "Okay, tape."
Me: "And number four. What do you use to pile leaves?"
Sidge: "A game? Ha ha. Isn't that funny Mommy?"

It wasn't until the last one that I realized he'd been pulling my leg the entire time.


JB pretended to eat Abigail's pillow. "Oh mannnnn," Abigail said. "You gotta be kidding me."


Abigail asked to put her play stethoscope on my heart. "It's still beeping," she replied.
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