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Friday Funnies

Posted Feb 08 2013 1:36pm
Sidge comes into the room naked.
Sidge: "I'm Captain America."
Isaac: "You are a naked man."
Sidge: "Well, Captain America is just changing his clothes."
Sidge: "What happens if Abigail grows up into a boy?"
Sidge: "Will Scrubby get old?"
Me: "Yes."
Sidge: "Then he will die?"
Me: "Yes, someday."
Sidge: "Will we get old?"
Me: "Yes."
Isaac: "How old will we be when we die? Like fifty?"
Me: "Or older. And then we get to go see Jesus."
Sidge: "I can't wait! I have no idea what he looks like."
Isaac: "Yes you do. You saw a statue of him in the movie Rio."
While puzzling with Auntie Connie, "All that puzzling made me tired," said Sidge.

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