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Friday Funnies

Posted Dec 07 2012 11:18am
We've been excitedly talking about our trip back to America. One of the exciting things is that on the way to and from Baltimore, we are planning on seeing our friend William and his mom Stebbs. This past week Sidge talked about how excited he was when he said, "That makes me smile to see William."  Isaac also said, "We are going to go see Mrs. Sarah Stebbins and William."
We got in the van during a bad wind and rain storm and Sidge said, "Man I am glad our car has a roof."
Wendi: "Hey Elijah."
Sidge: "Mommy, please call me Sidge."
Isaac: "I'll just call you spiderman."
Sidge: "Okay, that's fine."
Sidge: "How old is I'm?"
Sidge: "Be kind bun to another .... ha ha, I said bun."
On a day I wasn't feeling good last week, I let the boys watch a movie while Abigail was napping. I napped on the couch (successfully!). The next day, Isaac asked me if he could do it again.
Me: "No, that was just a special occasion. But you can read books in your bed during nap time today."
Isaac: "Any book?"
Me: "Any book you like."
Isaac: "And any book I don't like I don't have to read?"
Me: "Exactly."
When Sidge is being Daddy's sou chef there are three rules(1) Have to wear an apron
(2) Must taste test everything
(3) Must have a drink
Sidge: "I want to be your sou chef tonight."
JB: "Okay. We are in crunch time now."
Sidge: "What is crunch time?"
JB: "It means dinner is almost ready, and we have to hurry."
5 minutes later.
Sidge: "Daddy, we forgot to get a drink tonight."
JB: "We don't have time. Remember: we are in crunch time."
Sidge: "Oh yeah. Uhhh ... what's that mean again?"
JB was taking Isaac's shirt off for a bath. "Daddy, you almost popped my head off."
We are making Christmas cards this year -- gluing a picture on a little piece of foam and decorating it together. While making them, Sidge said to me, "But all these pictures are the same." A few minutes later, Isaac wandered in and reiterated saying, "Why are all these pictures the same ones, Mommy?"
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