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Friday Funnies

Posted Nov 16 2012 3:34pm
Isaac: "This is a ve-hic-ul."
Me: "That's right. Another word for a car is a vehicle."
Isaac: "Yes, Aunt Connie called it a ve-hic-ul today. That's the craziest word I ever heard of."
Sidge: "I don't wan to swim in the ocean. I just want to swim in my pool. In the ocean I could get bited by sharks and alligators."
In the van.
Sidge: "I'm hungry."
Me: "Okay. Well we will eat food when we get home."
Sidge: "But I'm hungry even when I'm not at home."
We went to a yoga for kids workshop with our MOPs group.
Instructor: "Let's all shut our eyes."
Sidge: "I don't know how to shut my eyes."
Instructor: "But what do you do when you go to sleep?"
Sidge: "I sleep with my eyes open."
John: "Sidge, how may times have I asked you not to scream in the car?"
Sidge: "One hundred and fifty-one."
Sidge hates to be chased. So much so, that if he is being chased, he will often turn on the chaser and attempt to become the chaser himself. If JB runs around saying, "I'm a monster," Sidge will nervously reply. "Okay, but I'm a monster eater." If John says, "Well, I eat monster eaters," Sidge will say, "I eat whatever you are. I eat everything. Don't chase me please."
When telling me what he wanted for breakfast Sidge said, "I'd like two waffles. Medium. Not too hot. With no syrup." Geesh!
We are constantly telling the boys to set a good example for their sister. Don't do this or that because then Abigail will do this or that. Tonight, Abigail was standing on the top of the end table. Sidge said, "She should get down. That makes me want to do that too."
While making cookies from the pre-packaged cookie dough.
Sidge: Can I have some?"
Me: "Well I have to cook them first."
Sidge: "Well no, I like them before they are cooked. Just like that."
Me: "Who taught you about eating cookie dough?"
Sidge: "Joni did. Joni let's me eat them like that. Will you let me?"
(P.S. I checked with Joni who confirmed she was "guilty as charged."
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