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Friday Flashback: Emotional Highs and Lows

Posted Dec 17 2010 7:39am
Sticky Feet's Friday feature is Friday Flashback. I hope you'll enjoy some of my posts from the original Sticky Feet blog. As I look through the archives, it is amazing how much things change.... but yet, how much things stay the same!

The post below was originally posted on December 20, 2006.

High: Only one more day until Christmas break!

Low: The kids at school are off the wall crazy.

High: I think I'm ready for another IVF cycle.

Low: A Christmas card came in the mail with an ultrasound photo enclosed. I cried.

High: I'm restarting my diet and exercise plan -- so I can focus on something outside of infertility.

Low: Infertility still seems to be my number one focus -- no matter how hard I try to put it on the back burner.

High: Our new insurance card came in the mail today.

Low: So did 2 books I am reading to research adoption and childfree living (why am I even reading the second one? I know better).

My thoughts 4 years later...

Now it reads a little differently...

High: Bo's going on the potty!

Low: Last week I had poop spread throughout the entire main floor of my house -- from the girls room through the hallway to the kitchen and back through the living room.

High: I made dinner during the kids nap so I wouldn't have to worry about it while they are up and playing.
Low: Immediately after dinner it seems like there is more food on the floor and spread over Anna's body then I even started with.
High: Bo's last lapsit for the year was yesterday and we had a Christmas party.

Low: One of the mom's I really like is moving.

High: The trio is really enjoying many aspects of Christmas this year.

Low: I'm already mourning because I know eventually Christmas will lose it's magic.
Oh, how things change... ;)
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