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Free Babysitting on New Years Eve? Hells Yeah!

Posted Dec 15 2009 6:33am
My parents are party people. Well, at least my mom is. She does not have a healthy appreciation of alone time. She is the type of person who would throw a party to celebrate Groundhog's Day if she thought anyone would come. New Year's Eve is one of the major party holidays. Every year in my 30 (ugh) year existence,my parents have either hosted parties, attended parties or gone to one of the many area bars for parties.
Imagine my surprise when this conversation occurred:

DAD: What are you guys doing for New Year's Eve?

ME: Um, nothing. 50 dollar an hour babysitters are considered cheap on New Year's Eve.

DAD: Your mother and I want a peaceful evening at home for New Year's. We'll watch the kids, you go out.

ME: (Peaceful? Watching the kids? Nevermind.) Um, Ok. Thank you?

I convey the information to the husband who is was shocked as I was. We hunt down the friends we never get to see. You know, the childless friends who get to go cool places and do cool things at a moments notice and don't fully appreciate the fact that you need to plan ahead.

Childless friends act like we're crazy. "New Year's Eve is over a month away" they say. They'll, you know, figure it out when the time comes. So the husband and I are left to plan ourselves. We find nothing. Apparently it is too early to start planning.

Two weeks later, I get a text from one of the above mentioned childless friends, wanting to know what the plan was. I got nothing. He goes on to say one of his friends wants to have a party. I inwardly groan. I am no longer 16 and therefore do not need to spend my holiday celebration in some dude's basement hoping the cops don't bust us for underage drinking.

He goes on to say his friend just wants everyone to kick in about $30 each for food and a keg and for each of us to bring a bottle of liquor. Um, what? Turns out, his friend can't afford to go out on New Year's Eve so he's hoping we'll bring the party to him and apparently pay for it as well. I politely decline.

"I was kind of hoping to go out to a bar or something,"' I say. "With the kids, we never get to actually go out," I continue, playing the kids are hard but you wouldn't understand card. It worked, as it always does.

"Why don't we go to the bar we went to a couple years ago." A couple years ago being me stuck at a open bar having just discovered myself pregnant with Jocelyn. Good times.

The husband calls the bar and they are doing the same New Year's Eve deal again! $50 for open bar (excluding shots) 9pm - 1am. The exact same amount of money it would have cost us to party in that dude's basement. Score.

There are 6 of us going so far and one friend even said she was "stoked" that we could go. It's pretty exciting just to be wanted, you know?

Now if only we can catch the elusive after midnight on New Year's Eve cab ride home.
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