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Forty-five seconds in our van

Posted Jan 21 2011 12:28am
Here is just forty-five seconds of our ride home this morning after dropping JB off at work. Picturing this forty-five seconds, I am sure you can use your vivid imaginations to picture the rest of our day together!

Isaac: "Mommy, can I sit in the back seat?" (Referring to the two times I have buckled him into the back seat on Base when we had to drive William home.)

Mommy: "No, that is only a special treat."

Isaac: "When William comes, right?"

Mommy: "Right."

Isaac: "I can't do it now because I am allergic to eggs."

Mommy: "Huh?"

Isaac: "I'm allergic to eggs. Right Mommy?"

Mommy: "Yes, you are allergic to eggs."

Elijah: "No. I awergic to egg."

Isaac: (starts whining) "No! Not you Ewijah! Me! I am! I am allergic to eggs."

Elijah: "No. I awergic to egg."

Isaac: (whining louder) "No! I am allergic to eggs. Not you Ewijah!"

Mommy: "Isaac. Don't listen to Elijah. Just listen to Mommy. You are allergic to eggs. Elijah is not. It doesn't matter what he says." (Realizes the futility midway through of trying to reason with a two-year-old.)

Elijah: "No. I awergic to egg."

Isaac: (continues whining) "No Ewijah. No."

Mommy: (changes subject) "Here we come to our house!"

Elijah: "My house!"

*Isaac: "No, it's not your house Ewijah. It's God's house." (Referring to the fact that we try to teach them that everything belongs to God and we are just borrowing it.)

Elijah: "God's house. Borrow. It."

Isaac: "Yeah."

Elijah: "Home again! My. House."

Isaac: "No, it's not your house. It's God's house."

Elijah: "God's house. Share. It."

Isaac: "Yeah. Hey, Ewijah. I have a surprise."

Elijah: "A sa-pize? For meeeeee?"

Isaac: "Yeah." (He has no surprise but Elijah doesn't care. He is just infatuated with the idea of a surprise that might possibly be for him.)

Elijah: "A sa-pize? For meeeee?"

Isaac: (Changes subjects himself.) "Mommy? If I go pee-pee in the potty I will get ice cream?"

Mommy: "Yes. Do you want to go pee-pee in the potty when we get home?"

Isaac: "Ummmm. No. I don't think so."

Mommy: "Are you sure? Do you want to try?"

Isaac: "Maybe not."

Mommy: "Okay. Elijah? Do you want to try?"

Elijah: "Ya! Pee pee potty ... num-n-nums!" (He choose m&m's instead of ice cream.)

Isaac: "Ewijah does pee-pee in the potty."

Mommy: "He does! Do you want to?"

Isaac: "Ummmm. No. I think no."

Mommy: (car pulls up at house.) "We are home!"

Elijah: "Home again! My house!"

Isaac: "Ewijah. No. It's not your house. It's God's house."

Refer to starred line above to see where this conversation goes next. :)
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