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for the past three nights i have been having nausea and headaches, could i be pregnant

Posted by josie

We are trying for a baby but i just stopped using the nuva ring last month and dont know if it is too soon to conceive. My period is due in two days and i tested today and it was negative. After i eat at night (around 10 oclock) I am immediately nauseaous and have a terrible headache for about 30 mins. Could i have tested too soon and be pregnant. I dont want to get my hopes up and i am trying to be patient but i would like to hear what someone else thinks. Thankyou.
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I think that you should do charting (sorry you didn't say if you were actively charting).

The main thing is that while it is possible to get pregnant right after ceasing birth control- more often than not your body needs to re-learn how to work on its own hormones. Also with charting you can see what is "normal" for you as far as cycles go. You can find out an average cycle day ovulation (or if you are ovulating at all) and if you have a healthy luteal phase.  It takes about three cycles worth of consistant charting to get a clear picture of how your own individual system works.

On my blog (there should be a link on my blog) I have a section called "TTC Basic Information" that has good information located within it.  I would also recommend strongly that you read Toni Weschler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility. 

 And a bit of advice from someone who is in her 5th year of TTC:

Absolutely do not test before 12 DPO! At this point it is too early.  If you are pregnant then you still will be at 15DPO.  I actually don't even test until I am legitmately "late" (meaning that I had clear signs of ovulation and a pretty high rating as far as timing goes and I am five days past my normal luteal phase--which would be 20 DPO since I have a 15 day phase) and I have only tested about 3 times in all the times we've tried.  Testing early can get very addictive and can cost quite a bit of money- especially the longer one goes in their TTC journey.

If you join an online community like Ovusoft, TheBump, LoungePlace, etc- find a group of women that have their heads on their shoulders.  There are many out there who are literally baby-crazy and will put forth wrong information.  Research information you come across and get as educated about the process (reproductive system, conception, and pregnancy) as you can. 

Best of luck to you

UGh... sorry.  My blog link is on my profile here but since I am typing this comment: I'll just link it here...

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