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Five Things for Friday

Posted Feb 22 2013 5:24pm

I have been neglecting my blog a bit the last few months.  It is funny how I thought once T3 was in 1st grade I would have all this extra time.  I guess getting called as 1st counselor in Relief Society (my church’s women’s organization) put a kink in those plans.  I am hoping that doing the Five things for Friday will help me get back in the groove.


T1 is amazing to me.  He went on a 38 mile bike ride on his day off.  He and 2 friends biked to the peak of our local mountain range.

25 miles uphill with a 6700 feet elevation gain- they took a nap on top before heading down.  It was an 11 hour trip.

He does things that I could never do.


T2 is amazing to me as well.  He is an amazing performer and does things at age 12 that I couldn’t do at 42.  He loves performing with his group and he loves to do small groups and solos as well.

Here he is performing Close Every Door


Well, I must talk about T3 now.  He is funny and sweet and makes us laugh.

T1 (who is now 15) has some pretty impressive facial hair which DH makes him shave off for Sundays.  Much to the dismay of his little brothers (and apparently his friends).

So T3 says, “I want to be like Jesus.  That’s why I need a beard.”

I wonder when T1 will pull that line on his dad.


There was a brush fire near the boys charter school last weekend.  I was thinking of how devastating it would be if their school burnt down.  I don’t know if we would be relocated (I have no idea where they would put us) or if that would be the end of the school.  I would be SO sad to lose their school.  We LOVE it there!

Luckily it was put out quickly and easily.


Only kid in the Mac Store not on a digital device.  I have to say that I was tickled pink when we went to the Mac store to drop off our computer to get a new hard drive (old one was defective and had been recalled) that T3 settled down in the wagon we had used to bring the computer in and started doing his maze book.  I got quite a few positive comments about that.


I think we rely way to heavily on media to “entertain” our kids today.  (AKA keep them out of our hair).  But if we are constantly entertaining them, how will they ever be creative?

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