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Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

Posted May 24 2010 11:00am

It is all about traditions!  Vacations are a chance to break from your routine and spend lots of time together.  We travel 3-4 times a year as a family. (Frankly it is a bit much for me and makes being a doula quite a challenge .)  I find that having vacation traditions really help the boys know what to expect no matter where we go and helps create fun memories.

So my 5 Fun Vacation Activities are actually our Traditions – which lead to fun activities.

Timeshares or Rent by owner

OK, this is not an activity, but it makes it so much easier and cheaper to travel with kids if you have a kitchen and separate rooms!  This does allow for fun traditions such as making cookies together.  We do this every trip.  We started traveling this way when our first was little and frankly I can’t imagine doing it any other way.  More “activity time” for mom and dad too!  ;)   (Big hint:  Never buy a timeshare at a sales presentation, buy them on the resale market.  It is WAY cheaper)

Invite the Grandparents!

This is possible because of the timeshare aspect.  My parents actually own a few timeshares (each has 2 bedrooms) so there is room for us all to go.  The first one they bought was at Williamsburg and we had a family reunion there 5 years ago.  What a wonderful trip.  Williamsburg is like a living museum.  They boys loved it, the grown ups loved it too!

Traveling with the Grandparents helps the boys create great memories with them and it also gives us a hand with the boys.  It also helps to have extra eyes keeping track of the three boys, makes it much less stressful.  Especially at busy places such as theme parks.

Let the kids pick what they want to do

To help the boys be part of our trip, we let each of them choose 1 thing they want to do.  We get out the pamphlets and books, which they research and then they get to choose 1 thing, which we make sure we incorporate into our trip.   Sometimes one chooses to swim in the pool.  That is easy and free!   This tradition has led to fun and unusual activities.  For instance Thing 3 has chosen to go bowling on our last 3 trips.  We end up having a fun time and it is a nice filler for days with another smaller activity.

This helps us do something out of the ordinary.  For instance visiting the sewers in Paris or going to Gatorland in Orlando.  If you just do all the normal tourist attractions, then you miss out on some cool experiences.

Games and Puzzles

There are often down times during trips, which can lead to chaos with 3 boys.  So we have games we always bring and usually a puzzle too (left in room and we work on it throughout the week)

Here are some of our favorite traveling games.   Apples to Apples, Bannanagrams, Chess, Uno, Rummicube


Our boys love to learn and how better than a fun interactive museum.   In almost any area there are museums.  We visit at least 1 museum a trip.  We do a bit of research to find kid friendly ones.  It is much more fun if kids can touch and “do” things while they are there.  Another GREAT place to visit is Washington DC, we have gone there 2 times, there are so many amazing museums and most are free!

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