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First Trimester Screen

Posted Oct 01 2008 12:00am

Well, we made it through the first trimester screening.  It was actually rather uneventful.

The u/s tech poked around for a bit, taking measurements here and there, and not really saying much, when I said, "We had this test before and it was very bad so we're kind of anxious."  Right away, she said "Oh - well I can tell you right now before I even measure - its within range."  Cue major sigh of relief.

I watched her take a couple of the nuchal translucency measurements and they were all in the 1.4-1.5 range if I remember correctly.  Blessedly normal.  I won't have the full results (they combine the measurements with the blood test) until next week, but I expect the odds to be low, especially based on the 21 year old egg we used!

We then had our perinatal consult.  After going through my 5  year sob story of loss and failed cycles, the Dr. was quick to say everything looks really good this time and she has no worries.  Well - make that one worry.  I have a fibroid that is growing quickly - and it sits low in my pelvis, quite close to my cervix.  Its about the size of a tennis ball now.  Ultimately she said this can cause a couple things - one is a problem with the baby's presentation - he/she may stay breech or transverse because there's just not room to turn.  The other is that even if baby is head down, the birth canal is just too tight to deliver the head.  So we'd be looking at a c-section.  Another possibility she described is pain if the sucker starts to degenerate.  I am hoping to avoid that because she said she had it happen to her and its horribly painful.  But she also said its rare, so we'll hope to stay on the pain free side of those odds.

They just plan on monitoring me closely in the third trimester to see how things develop in there.

Other than that, she told me I should just continue on like a plain old normal pregnant lady!

Next up - my second regular ob appointment next week.

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