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First Haircut!

Posted Jun 12 2013 12:00am
Yes, the girls made it well into their 5th year of life without ever receiving a haircut. If you remember their baby photos, however, you'll remember that they were almost complete baldies until they were about 18 months old ... so once they actually started to grow some hair, we were in no hurry to cut it. And by "we" - I mean Bjorn and I, who were still in no hurry to cut it. But as it turns out, Liana thought otherwise, and took the job into her own hands. Bjorn commented later about how glad he is that this kind of stuff usually happens on my watch (like the time she fell down the stairs and needed stitches), which is actually funny because I'm probably the more paranoid and cautious parent of the two of us. But of course, I spend so much more time with them, so stuff is bound to happen! And in a split second, the girls nice "craft" project turned into a home-made hair cut! It was pretty apparent that we needed to do something about it (see below) - but thankfully our next door neighbor is a hair stylist and was able to get us an "appointment" on very short notice!

Before: She actually cut it this way on both sides!

Time to fix it
We didn't want Amaya to feel left out, and truth be told, her ends needed a trim as well
Now that Liana's hair is shorter than her sisters, there really is no excuse for not being able to tell them apart!

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