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First Day of Preschool 2011-2012 School Year

Posted Aug 22 2011 2:42pm

Bo preschool 2011 with sisters Bo and Mommy preschool first day   Mike and trio preschool 2011 Giving Anna a hug Giving Clara a hug Bo backpack Bo preschool 2011 2    Bo school sign   Bo with preschool class 2     Bo with preschool class

This morning, Bo started preschool!  As you can see from the photos, there were no tears in the Weitl house this morning.  Bo was 100% thrilled and ready to go!  From the photo of Bo standing with a few of his classmates, it’s obvious that some of them weren’t quite so excited!  It was so cute to see all of the preschoolers in their school clothes, showing each other the characters on their backpacks.  The rest of the school wears uniforms so the preschoolers really stand out.  I never thought my son would a boy that loves cars and trains, but we’ve embraced it! 

Bo went to preschool three afternoons a week last spring and will be going 5 mornings a week for 3 hours a day this year with a new teacher. Clara and Anna will go to Mary’s while Bo is at preschool (except on Thursdays for lapsit) so while they will be gone one more day a week, the total number of hours (12) will be the same.  Instead of packing the girls’ lunch, I’ll just pick everyone up when I pick Bo up from preschool and we’ll have lunch at home.  It’s going to take us a few days to adjust to our new schedule and the girls were very cranky this morning when we came home for lunch, but luckily they are napping now.

I know many mom’s who are sad about the start of preschool for their little ones but Bo loves school so much that we were both excited.  He loves it and has such a great time.  I’ll admit that I’m a little hesitant about sending him five days a week since I don’t want him to be burned out, but I am pretty sure it won’t be an issue.

When I picked him up he gave me a big hug and told me he had a good day.  His initial response to my interrogation about his morning was, “I don’t know” but once we sat down to have lunch, he started talking.  I know that they played with Play-Doh, had grapes, pretzels, and white milk for snack, and that his friend Adam was there.  I also know that he wasn’t thrilled to leave his paint smock at school but apparently Miss Vicki convinced him it was okay.  Overall, it sounds like a very successful first day.  I’m so proud of my big boy.

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