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Posted Apr 23 2009 5:25pm

I had an OB appointment yesterday....I kinda got my hopes up for it, thinking that she would tell me I am dilated and that she might as well just break my water right there and send me straight to the hospital to go deliver the baby.

Ya, things did not go that way.

Cervix still high and very very closed. She couldn't even sweep the membranes to get things going cause there was zero dilation happening. Not the news I wanted.

Being all hyped up on pregnancy hormones did not help and I spent the evening at home weeping and feeling sorry for myself. I imagined TLC would be calling me up to interview me as the women who remained forever pregnant..."How does it feel to be pregnant with a teenager Alicia?" "Well it is impossible to move now, and she is asking to borrow the car, but I am firm in my answer, not until you are born teenager Twinkle."

Anyways after a night of pity partying I went to the washroom and like the goodly trained infertile I am, I did the panty check. And low and behold there was some, ummm, stuff. It was brown colored (ok sorry WAY too much information sharing going on here). Also known as bloddy show, such a classy name for a classy symptom.

According to the books this means the cervix is dialting, and labour could start within 24 hours! Or up to 3 weeks according to one book, lets ignore that one.

So I went from very bad news, to very happy news all within one evening.

If nothing happens and I am still pregnant on Monday I go for an ultrasound to check Twinkle's amniotic fluid, make sure there is still enough in there. But I am really hoping for the 24-48 hour thing to be the truth in my case!

PS Keith stayed home today to take care of his depressed, over emotional wife. That's where I have been all morning, being taken care of.

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