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Posted by LaChanta H.

I had a tubal reversal this year. I wondered if may become pregnant on my own without my fimbrea(distal end of my fallopian tubes)? Can the end of the tubes be attached to the ovaries? I just started clomid but not sure if it will work being that my eggs have no guidance to the f.tubes. Is IVF my only option?


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I would wait and see how your body reacts to clomid before you start thinking about IVF or  any of the more serious/invasive fertility treatments.

What dosage of clomid have they started you on?

They will probably see how you respond... then increase at least twice (100mg, 150mg) before they look into possibly injects, IUI, or IVF



ok. I've been told I'm not a good candidate for IUI because of my fallopian tubes. My other concern is my age.

Thx 4 the reply

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