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Posted by ssopna

I have irregular period for years now, this happened ever since I started taking the birth control peels.   I have been seeing specialist and they keep putting me on the peels to regulate my period.   Mean time I also had ultrasound done to see if everything is normal.   The result I always got was, smaller uterus size then it should be, but it is normal.   Until recently, I went to a different Dr. and did all the testing as well and said that my uterus was too small and it is a size of twelve years. My dr. also said I can not get pregnant and if I get pregnant it is matter of life and death.   How can that be possible??   What are  the causes? I never had irregular period when I was growing up.   Is this problem curable?

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Some women are born with a small uterus. Depending on how small it is and a bunch of other factors of the mother, that can cause issues for both the mother and the baby. However, women have reported that they too have small uteruses and have had no problems carrying their children to full term and giving birth. If you're not sure or satisfied with that doctor's answer, you can always get a second opinion and maybe talk to a Reproduction Endocrinologist since the spepcialize in reproductive medicine. Good luck!!
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