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Fertility Smoothies – A Fun and Delicious Way to Boost Your Fertility

Posted Jul 08 2010 6:32pm

fertility smoothiesThe first step I always suggest when clients ask what they should do to boost their fertility is to eat a Natural Fertility Diet. Eating a healthy diet is the foundation of a natural fertility program. To make it even easier for them, I suggest the very first step is to drink a fertility smoothie every day. Starting the day with a smoothie guarantees that you are going to be getting the most important components of the Natural Fertility Diet consistently. Here are those important components…

1. Antioxidants
Antioxidants are extremely important for the couple that are trying to conceive. Cells within the body, and more specifically the reproductive system, are constantly being attacked by free radicals. Free radicals are created from toxins, stress, pesticides, illness, over-exercising, too much sun… and the list goes on. The important thing to know is that free radicals can damage cells and the DNA within cells. This can impact fertility on many levels. It may impact the health and integrity of the egg (ova), the sperm, the cells of the uterus, ovaries, thyroid, pituitary, etc. In turn this can cause those organs to not function properly or not be healthy enough to perform their job.

Antioxidants on the other hand help to protect the body from free radicals by “deactivating” the free radicals so they can no longer do harm. Now something important to understand is that there are many different types of antioxidants that protect different areas of the cells. So a wide variety of antioxidants are needed on a daily basis. Through eating a wide variety of whole foods the body is able to receive an abundance of antioxidants. Eating a smoothie a day makes this easy to do.

In one smoothie you are able to include a huge variety of antioxidants in their most absorbable form.

2. Minerals and vitamins
There are many minerals and vitamins that are necessary for healthy fertility and a balanced cycle. Zinc, calcium, selenium, Vitamin E, A, C and D, Folic Acid, Iron and many more nutrients play a vital role to support the your monthly cycle of menstruation and ovulation. A deficiency of these nutrients can impact your fertility. A diet rich in a wide range of whole foods can help to supply you with all of these vital nutrients. Smoothies make it easy to get a wide range of whole foods in a convenient and tasty form. In addition since smoothies are liquid, the nutrients are easier to absorb during digestion.

3. Fiber
Fiber is an essential part of every healthy diet and is essential for healthy hormonal balance. Fiber has many actions in the body, but specifically for fertility fiber helps the body to get rid of excess hormones. It works like a broom helping to clear hormones out of the body. Fiber is also important for helping to move foods through the digestive process and keeping the blood sugar levels balanced.

Balanced blood sugar levels are important for everyone’s fertility, not just women with PCOS. When the blood sugar levels spike repeatedly on a daily basis the body reacts to this like an emergency and goes into flight or fight. This pattern occurring repeatedly can cause hormonal imbalance due to the stress hormones being released constantly. This in turn can create issues with ovulation, uterine lining, menstruation and sperm health. The foods that are used in smoothies are naturally rich in fiber.

4. Fertility Superfoods
Fertility superfoods are amazing. They make it easy to get a large amount of nutrients and fertility tonics in a small dosage. Superfoods are foods that are nutrient dense, supplying a ton of nutrition in a small package. Some fertility superfoods can also specifically nourish the endocrine system or promote egg health. By adding superfoods to your smoothies you are able to take your nutrition and health to the next level, again in an easy to drink form.

Fertility smoothies provide everyone of these components in the highest quality possible, with the least amount of effort.

Wondering How to Make Fertility Smoothies?
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