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fertile days calculations when the period cycle is not normal

Posted by diva

Hmm, I have a 5 yr old child, since her birth I have been on pills. Now I have stopped the pill (March 09) and want to conceive. after stopping the pill, my period cycle which was perfect 28 days has now elongated to 36-38 days. How can I calculate the fertile days to conceive in this case. When I had my daughter 5 yrs ago, at that time I had delayed conception. I am 32 yrs old.
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Something to remember is that a cycle on the pill will always be perfect because your body is not functioning on your own hormones.

If you are saying the pre-pill you had perfect cycle then remember it has been five years. Fertility starts to creep downward at around age 26 (more rapidly after age 35) and as women age their cycle changes and it is natural. 

As for when to "predict" a fertile window I can't do that for ya. There are so many different variables that you should probably use charting to determine what is normal for you. What are those variables?

Starting from the obvious- you are not ovulating in the "normal" cycle day 14-17 window.  The later you ovulate the longer your cycle is going to be.  Without knowing what the length of your luteal phase (the time from your ovulation to the beginning of the next cycle) is then I can't say if you have a healthy length.  Also if you don't have an idea of that length, it takes away the option of counting backward to determine when you could have possibly ovulated.


Pre-pill I did not have perfect cycle it was irratic even then and when I got pregnant, my doc told me that I had PolyCysticOvarian dieases, etc so did continue with my pregnancy and had a daughter who is now 5 yrs old.

The last pill I had was on 12 Feb 2009, and the last perfect 28 day period was on 17 feb and since then the first day of my periods has been 16 March, 4 May and 10 June, where the peroid lasts about 3-5 days. So practically I have 36 -38 day cycle now.

You said you were Diagnosed with PCOS?  Have they talked to you about metformin (glucophage)?

And it seems that maybe your new norm may be that 36-38 day window.  As long as it is consistantly within that window then you have a regular cycle- just a bit longer. 

Have you tried charting?  this would be the best way to determine what is your normal, if you are ovulating and how long your average luteal phase is.  This is also a great way to see if you are having fertility issues and where those issues may be originating


Yes, I have PCOS but none of the docs talked about Metformin, I wonder why??

Moreover this time I have had no periods for more than 60 days now. did pregnacy tests, came as negative so spoke to the doc, she said happens if u have PCOS, wait for another 30 days ??? I really dont know what to do ?? do u think I should speak to another doc??


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