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Fen is Weaned...

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:15pm

My goal was to wean Fen as gently as I could.  Knowing that nursing is painful for me during pregnancy (I nursed Khady the first three months of my pregnancy with Fen and gave it up due to the discomfort), I started the process of weaning shortly after I became pregnant.  As I approached six months, I was successfully nursing Fen only every two or three days and hoping my milk would hurry up and dry up!  Last Tuesday (Feb. 12) Fen asked to nurse before bed.  I said, ok but I think the milk might be all gone.  Sure enough, he nursed on one side and said, "all done, other side?," and then nursed on the other side for about thirty seconds only to declare "all done too."  So the milk is all gone and the weaning process complete.  He asks every now and then but I remind him that he tried and the milk was all gone and then distract him, which works.  Six months pregnant with very sore nipples, I am happy that the nursing is over but even more content that I was able to wean him gradually and with very few complaints.  Though it does tear a bit at my heart strings to have to wean a two year old who, without mom's gentle but firm efforts to redirect, would not have stopped nursing so soon...

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