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Feeling Pregnant 5-6 days Past Ovulation but Negative Pregnancy Test

Posted by MiaMyAmore89

Okay so, I am about 5-6 dpo and have been feeling pregnant ever since ovulation. I have light cramping on and off throughout the entire day, breasts started hurting very badly on sides and now that that seems to have calmed down, my nipples are extremely sore and tender. No change in color, just a bit bigger and a little poofy. I feel very crampy today, woke up at 4 am hungry and crampy. Took a pregnancy test when I woke up and it was negative. Unprotected sex about 15 times this month using pull-out method. I would love to be pregnant and really hope to be, but I've read if youre having symptoms you should have a positive pregnancy test which i havnt. Period is not due til 30th of this month so I'm still 9 days away from expected. My main question is Do I sound pregnant? and is it too early for me to feel symptoms and still get negative test? Could I just be having a strange hormonal cycle? This is not a normal month for me, i never cramp before period, only the first day that I GET my period. Never have tender breasts, and especially no tender nipples. PLEASE tell me if I sound pregnant, or hormonal. 
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well its sounds right on um i dont want to get your hopes up but just be calm and you might get that postive you can be just testing to early trust it happens lol but yes you sound pregnant you have nine days i know you count down every day and evry hour lol but you can actually test 5 days before your next period and no its not to early you can indeed have sythoms after two weeks but take longer to get a pos test it may be that your hgc levels are  still low


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