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Favorite Memory #426

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:53am
It was only a little over a year ago. Holly and I were living in the smallest one bedroom apartment ever. We hated our place. It didn't feel like home at all. The apartment was meant to be as our 'in between' place to save money for a new home.

A few years before, Holly and I were discussing babies and what we would need to do to get there. At the time we were living in a one bedroom apartment and only had one car that was on its last leg. We decided to make a plan. This plan came with a mental check list of things we would like to have before having a baby. This list included; having two reliable cars with four doors so it would be easier to access a car seat, a reliable job - working monday through friday, a checking and savings account with a positive balance (at the time we didn't have this), and a house with at least three bedrooms.

As time went on, we started to check off our list. Cars - check. Jobs - check. Bank accounts - check, check. It was now time to find a house for our family.

We searched everywhere. In fact, I was worried about losing my job because my mind was always on finding a home for us to live. We took care of our old debt and cleaned up our bad credit. Then we found the perfect mortgage lender and were pre-approved.

The first house we found seemed perfect in our eyes. It was 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. The kitchen was remodeled and all the fixtures had been upgraded to Thomas Kincaid lighting/fans. This place was beautiful on the inside but needed work on the outside. So we went under contract and had our inspections done only to find out the house was suffering from wood rot on the majority of the frame. We were so upset but we had to pull out of the contract.

As we were driving around the same area, we drove past another house in a beautiful little subdivision. The house lacked curb appeal but it had so much potential. We called the number on the sign and the agent called us back right away.

Another perfect house. Three bedrooms, two baths, beautiful fenced in backyard. The kitchen wasn't upgraded and the house was in desperate need of new paint. But we could see the beauty this house had. We knew the potential was there so we went into contract. Our contract asked for the seller to pay for closing costs, down payment, and half the price of a new roof. We submitted our contract to the seller and kept our fingers crossed for good news. A day later, our agent called back and told us our offer was accepted. We were soo excited!

The inspections were just about flawless with a few minor repairs. Time seemed to inch by as we waited for our closing date to approach. Before our closing, I made plans with a few friends and family to meet us at the house in the evening for a champagne toast. I thought that since our closing was in the morning, we should have our key and be at our new place by the afternoon.

We arrived at the closing office overwhelmed and giddy and began signing the stack of papers in front of us. I'm not even sure what we agreed to. All I know is our interest rate was fixed and our payments were affordable. The rest of the stuff is kind of a blur. We could have been signing the rights to our first born away and I wouldn't have noticed.

The last paper to sign sat in front of us. We looked at each other and laughed nervously then signed our life away one more time. That was it, we were homeowners all we had to do now was wait for the seller to fax back his stuff and for the bank to release the funds. It was around 2 pm at this time and long story short, we didn't leave the office until 6pm. Our friends/family were suppose to meet us at the house by 6 so we rushed home for our champagne toast.

When we arrived at our home, our friends/family were already waiting for us in the drive way. After a few pictures of us in front of the for sale sign, holding the sold sign, we made our way over the threshold into our first home.

That night after everyone left, we sat in our empty house dreaming about what our home will become. A place of comfort, growth, family and love. Our list is checked off and now its time to have a baby. I can't wait to hear the sound of little feet running through the house. The sound of baby giggles bouncing off the walls. That time will come. I just know it.
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