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Family vacation photos make me want to puke

Posted Jun 21 2010 2:31am
OK, so another Facebook-ish rant in less than four days. Sorry, gang, but I think you may agree with me here. My attitude is quite snarky these days - I blame it on too much MSG, smog, spitting on the ground, burping in public and not enough Twizzlers (none to be found in Shanghai).

I know I'm pretty bitter about all of the postings of people and their kids (especially when that is the ONLY thing they write) on FB. Now, it's the vacation photos of all of them in their matching outfits at the beach. Don't get me wrong. As soon as Nate comes home, we will be the first ones to follow this trend, but for right now it's just salt (or sand) in my open wound.

One of my dear friends has closed her FaceBook account just for this reason - she was tired of hearing about all of the pregnancy updates and cute pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits. I'd be tempted to do that except that I'd rather complain than miss out on gossip or funny postings by my sister or my friend Keri. Plus, my voyeuristic nature (OK so Jack Bauer calls me Mrs. Kravitz because I'm always trying to figure out what's going on - it's a reference to "BeWitched" for all you young uns. Mrs. K was Samantha and Darren's neighbor who was always looking out her window and being nosy) will not allow this for now.

Because I live in China, FaceBook (which I get through a VPN service - woohoo! I am not Chinese, so why should I have to adhere to their controlling, Communist internet laws)is a connection back to home - my family and friends, even if they do tick me off my posting their oh-so-nauseating photos.

After all, as I said, once our family is intact, I will be the first one posting pics. You guys are welcome to hate me then.
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