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Fairly routine week

Posted Feb 09 2006 12:00am
Life has been fairly normal and routine this week. Here is a brief synopsis of events:
  • JB is on his second to last week of surgery. He has decided that he will for sure not be a surgeon. The five weeks so far have been interesting but not what he enjoys. He loves seeing the patients but doesn't like surgeries. Yesterday, he was way down the totem pole on a surgery and was therefore holding a retractor for six hours. He explained this in more detail for me. "I have to hold the retractor with one hand. I cannot lean on the table. My other hand is not allowed to move higher than my armpit or lower than my bellybutton or I am no longer sterile. I can't go to the bathroom. I can't scratch my face. I can't eat. I can't drink. I can only stand." He said that it feels like an eternity unlike last week when he was the "first assist" on a whipple (I hope I spelled that right) and was able to do stuff the whole time. Either way, he loves talking to patients and being a surgeon is just not his cup of tea. He is looking forward to next week end and pediatrics beginning.
  • My jobs are going very well. I work at Mayo every morning from 8-12 and also Wednesdays afternoon. Then I spend a total of 8 hours a week at RLS and 8 hours a week working from home for RLS. I have also been continuing to do house tours although those haven't been as steady as they were in the beginning. I am hoping they pick up soon. I also continue to do mystery shopping, however, I only do it if the job is easy and convenient. Some of them take much more time than the pay is worth. My ultimate goal is to be able to completely work from home by the time JB graduates from medical school. I think if I can continue to do RLS, the houses, occasional writing for Rochester Women and continue to look into other freelance opportunities, this could happen.
  • This Saturday, Christo and Melissa are going to the cities to see Les Miserables. I am going to have Karuna the whole day. I'll try to include a picture of our adventures. We always have a good time.
  • In JB's freetime, he is busy studying for the surgery "shelf" exam that follows this rotation.
  • Current TV Shows we are watching include: American Idol (we love the early shows), Survivor (of course), and 24 which Dave, Lesley and Ajit join us for each week. We also will sometimes catch House, Scrubs, Lost, and Extreme Home Makeover but none of these are regulars. Speaking of that show, Mayo Clinic will be on Extreme Home Makeover this Sunday evening. Apparently someone with MS is being featured and her physician is at Mayo. I am not exactly sure but heard it is on this week.
  • Current books we are reading: I am reading The Story of My Life: Helen Keller. It is fascinating! JB is reading a lot of farming books and that surgery book that I finished up recently. He said that when he is stuck in the operating room, he spends a lot of time thinking about farming.
  • SHOUT OUT to Gabbi who turned __ yesterday even though I forgot her birthday! Congrats Gabbi!
  • Another shot out to Christo & Melissa who are expecting their second baby. Not sure when that one is due.
  • English Brown (Ray) has gotten a job in my office at Mayo! This is very fun having her around for a few hours a day. She is on "work release" from school and is working for the lab next to me.
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