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Fair, Playground and Beach, Oh My!

Posted Jul 28 2009 10:30pm
The County Fair was last Saturday and I was excited. I love me some carnival food. The husband was excited too. He really really really wanted to take Jocelyn on some rides.

No one whined the entire car ride there. Our parking spot was unbelievably good. And free. Kids under 12 were free, so it only cost us $14 to buy our adult tickets. Things were going spectacularly.

We get to the rides only to find that you can't ride anything if you are under 36 inches. Jocelyn is around 32ish. No rides for her and a very disappointed husband. We got some fries and lemonade and headed over to the petting zoo area. A woman came up to me and told me that I had the happiest baby at the fair. She was talking about Lorelei, who was laughing, smiling, and kicking up a storm in the stroller. She was being so good, I all but forgot she was there.

Jocelyn liked the goats and sheep. She hated everything else because they ignored her. She will not be ignored.

Kaylee fed some animals, but being 9, I think she was "too cool" for the petting zoo. We wandered around and Kaylee got an airbrush tattoo. She was in no way "too cool" for a fake tattoo.

We went to play some games. Kaylee wanted to win Jocelyn something. I searched and searched for that game where you toss the ball into the glass with the goldfish in it. I wanted to win a fish. I was strangely obsessed with this want. They didn't have that game. Disappointment all around. The husband won Jocelyn a stuffed dog and Kaylee an orange dog. I think it was a dog. It was ugly, no matter the species.

We got the kids cotton candy for the ride home. The husband and I got london broil sandwiches. He devoured his. Mine was dry and devoid of taste. And we got more lemonade since it was sweltering.

Jocelyn ate the entire bag of cotton candy on the ride home and didn't make a sound. Jocelyn and Lorelei went down for 2.5 hour naps when we got home. Kaylee went with her grandfather to Six Flags. The husband felt so bad about the lack of rides, he demanded we go to the playground at the beach. Once the babies woke up we headed over.

Jocelyn loved the swing.

Lorelei loved the swing.

It was nice to be at a playground that wasn't covered with dog crap. Neither of the little ones had ever been to the beach, so Jocelyn ran straight for the ocean.

Lorelei, not mobile as she is, let the husband put her feet in the water.

I love this picture.

Overall, it was a nice day.
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