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Fact ...

Posted Jul 25 2007 12:00am
Fact ... Scrubs figured out how to get out of the little "den" we created in the laundry room by "shimmying" over the gate. Plan "B"? Den has been removed and his room is now the laundry room in its entirety.

Fact ... I cooked dinner last night. Baked spaghetti. It wasn't half-bad. I think JB was in the mood for breakfast, but he was a good sport about it nonetheless.

Fact ... I am going to spend Saturday doing the only really girly thing I do: scrapbooking. I've invited the other wives and I think a few may join me, at least for a bit. JB will be recovering from his last "day" of "nights" on Saturday.

Fact ... I currently see no reason to make the bed when either JB or myself are occupying it 16 hours a day. I am leaving it unmade.

Fact ... The weather here has been quite rainy which I love. I also think of Minnesotans quite often when they complain about the humidity up north. Folks, compared to where we are, there is no humidity in Minnesota.

Fact ... I now believe, out of 11 eleven houses on our street, that only 3 are occupied. Another one was vacated yesterday. Is this a bad street? I'm not sure why people aren't fans of our little street.

Fact ... Accidentally, last night, I wandered upon some singing spelling bee show hosted by, I believe it was a former boy band star -- not sure which one. Is this true? In addition, Scott Baio is 45 and single caught my eye. Folks, what is happening to our televisions?

Fact ... I have been leaving Scrubs in his crate in my office too much. We are crate training him, so don't worry, this is humane. However, we realized he has become a bit too attached and is afraid to be alone. I am trying to curb this which is resulting in ungodly howling for extended periods of time.

Fact ... JB is not home yet. I miss you JB!
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