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Posted Jan 20 2010 12:36pm

My friends, I come to you with a confession. Frank is pregnant.

He's 30 weeks along, we're expecting a boy, and we're going to name him something that starts with J and ends with N. Maybe Jayson. It fits in nicely with Jaiden and Jordan.

Frank is huge. I didn't want to say anything to anyone about it until after it seemed like maybe he was far enough along that the statistics leaned more in our favor than against our favor.

I thought I'd break the news to you before you heard about it on every news media outlet known to man. Frank is the first  born-a-man man to carry a baby. In essence, he is the gestational surrogate to our own child. We were given clearance to share the news with you. Expect to see it on the news by tonight.

The procedure to get him pregnant was tricky, but soon, MA-IVF (Mid-Abdominal IVF) will be as common as traditional IVF. Just think of all the implications!

Let me tell you - Frank has truly learned that pregnancy is tough. Not that he ever doubted it before, as he's always been such a good support to me through my pregnancies. But man - you should have seen him doubled over the toilet with first (and as he learned, also second) trimester morning sickness. A small part of me snickered inside knowing that he was feeling what I had. And now, I can't help but snicker all in his face on the outside to see him waddling about with his hands pressed into the exaggerated arch of his back. He's gained 25 pounds so far and will surely gain 10 more before his c-section in another 7 weeks. He's cute.


the TV blares on with its 6:15 a.m. start timer

I woke up this morning somewhere between befuddled, bemused, and befurious (I totally just made that word up).

What did YOU dream about last night? OR What's the weirdest thing you've ever dreamed of?

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