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Even more insurance stuff, more free ultrasound, and how I'm feeling

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

Everything went smoothly yesterday. I got the letter from the OB and the letters from the husband's boss. I sent them out and barring any complications, should be insured by the middle of next month.

The clinic that does the free ultrasounds called saying that they moved closer to me (yeah!) but aren't open yet (boo!). They gave me the number of another clinic only one town over than they believe will give me a free ultrasound for pregnancy confirmation. I didn't call yet because I'm afraid they may be able to get me in real soon and since I'm only 6 weeks or so, the ultrasound may not be able to show if anything is wrong yet. Our 5 week ultrasound with the twins was fine. It was the 7 week ultrasound that showed the beginnings of a problem. So I figure I'll call next week, thus probably getting in to see them around 8 weeks.

I've been feeling a little crampy today and yesterday. This worries me slightly. I know it's probably everything just stretching around in there again, but past losses have made be question everything. And I have no idea what an oncoming miscarriage feels like. The first one was a missed miscarriage only found on the ultrasound and I had a D&C. The last one was absolutely no pain, just a huge gush of blood. I had more than enough pain those following days, but initially, not a twinge. So crampy worries me. I don't remember what it was like when I was pregnant with my daughter as she's the only pregnancy that lasted and that was, wow, I guess I found out I was pregnant with her 7 years ago this September. I didn't really pay attention to much back then because I was 19 and that was back in the dark ages when I didn't know anyone who had had a miscarriage and believed it could never happen to me. You know, the good old days.

I had my first real craving this pregnancy last night, orange soda. I say real craving because I've been craving things I can't have, like hot dogs and deli meat, so this was the first one I could satisfy. The husband dutifully went out and brought me back two bottles of Fanta. I wanted Sunkist, but kept my disappointment to myself as he went out in the middle of the night to get it for me, while I would have just lied in bed whining about how much I wanted it, but never would have been motivated enough to get up and drive to the store.

Oh and I wore pseudo maternity clothes yesterday. I don't really need them but the waistbands on real jeans have been digging into me and causing some of the crampiness, so I got the maternity jeans out from the last pregnancy and wore them with a XXL tank top, as to cover the belly band thingy the pants have going on. I'm usually very superstitious about stuff like this and try to wear regular clothes until absolutely necessary, but I figured, superstition has gotten me nowhere and I might as well be comfortable.

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