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ER Visit and Baby Names

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

So I've been throwing up on and off for a couple of days. Weird since I didn't throw up the whole first trimester and never once with any of my other pregnancies. On Monday night, I started getting pain. I assumed it was part of the flu I was obviously getting and wanted to wave it off, but the husband had other plans.

I am whisked away to the ER, where I sit in the triage/waiting room area for 45 minutes. My blood pressure is slightly elevated (140/57), yet no one cares since the place is packed. Who knew that 8pm on a random Monday was the hot time at the ER. I get called and am taken back to a bed in the hallway. I sit on this bed for another 45 minutes while no one speaks to me.

Finally, a doctor pays some attention to me. She asks what's going on and is not impressed by my nausea. Didn't seem overly concerned about my pain either. She tells me she doesn't know what to do. They're crowded and she doesn't think anything is wrong with me. I try to explain that my last three pregnancies have ended in miscarriage. She says that no bleeding means I can't be having a miscarriage. I'm just anxious is all. In an as controlled as possible voice, explain that I've had a missed miscarriage in the past, you know, the one with no bleeding. She just looks at me funny.

At this point, I'm about to either scream or cry. I eye the woman and realized that neither is going to have any effect on her whatsoever and decide to silently stare her down instead. After some staring back, she asks a nurse to take me to the next available real bed. I get my bed and the Dr. comes back and pokes around at my uterus a bit, finally stating that my uterus is of normal size for my point in pregnancy. I'm about to say that that proves nothing to me when she uses her stethoscope to attempt to hear the babies heartbeat. I sigh and keep my mouth shut. Even I, without a medical degree, know that you can't hear a 15 week fetal heartbeat with a regular stethoscope. When her plan fails, she says she will order me an ultrasound. Well, duh!

The wonderful nurse returned to take my blood and set up an IV of fluid. She returned about 45 minutes later with 4 cups of water, fearing that my bladder wouldn't be full enough before the U/S tech decided to leave for the night. I finally had to pee, so I got my ultrasound. I also wasn't in pain anymore.

I had an extremely long ultrasound, saw a baby measuring 2 days ahead that didn't stop moving the entire time. The heart rate bothered me, being 138, when it had been 169 weeks before, but no one else showed any concern since it is in the normal range of 120-170. No gender as the baby would cooperate and it was a tad bit early to look, but the tech tried her damnedest. I was given 3 images of my very alive baby. While waiting for the nurse to return, I hopped of my bed and went to pee. Immediately upon returning to the ER, the Dr. appeared to tell me that she never received my urine sample. Well, I never received a cup to pee in. Not a problem for me though, as newly hydrated, I could pee again.

After peeing again, the pain came back. I figured out what was wrong. I was dehydrated. Dehydration causes cramping. IV and water made cramping go away. No IV and water made pain come back. I'm awaiting my medical degree in the mail.

Dr. returns to tell me, ultrasound was fine, blood work was fine, urine test was fine. She releases me with a diagnosis of being pregnant. I'm sure my insurance will love denying those charges.

My IV is removed and I am given my test results, with orders to go to my regular OB in the next three days. Yeah, screw that. I have an appointment next Tuesday. I owe them money. I can't pay them until next week, when I already have an appointment. Plus, now that I'm keeping hydrated, I feel 100% better and now know the signs of becoming dehydrated to keep it from happening again. Plus I feel stupid calling up for an emergency appointment, only to tell them that I've been diagnosed with pregnancy.

And finally, on to baby names:

Week 3

Alyssa or Katarina
Lorelei or Trinity
Isabella or Arianna
Cadence or Destiny

Alexander or Connor
Wesley or Cole
Daniel or Gavin
Hunter or Tristan
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