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Embryo Adoption

Posted Nov 03 2009 10:01pm 1 Comment
After an ectopic pregnancy, 5 IVF cycles to conceive Bo, and one more IVF cycle to conceive the girls, I am finished with infertility treatments. I will never be pregnant again and have no desire to have any more children. Mike and I are both ready to move past this stage of our lives. Our years of family building are over and our family is complete.

However, we still have three embryos remaining.

When I was ten weeks pregnant with the girls, I mentioned the embryos to my RE and he said they are excellent embryos. I asked about our options and he said he would love to see us donate the embryos to another couple. I've also researched donating them for stem cell research.

Mike and I have talked about our embryos a great deal. We've pondered the situation and what we feel is the best thing to do. About halfway through this pregnancy, we both came to the same decision. We would like to donate our embryos to another couple.

It wasn't long ago that Mike and I weren't sure we would ever be parents. We were quickly running out of road on our infertility path and we were considering numerous options -- surrogates, donor embryos, and I even had the adoption paperwork on the desk. We remember what it is like to face the possibility of never having children. And if we can potentially help another couple to have their own blessings, we would like to do so.

However, it is important to me that it be an open embryo adoption, which our RE does not currently do. I want to know if a pregnancy results and if it does, I would like to see pictures once a year and receive brief updates on how the child(ren) is doing. I don't want to end up like a bad soap opera with Bo coming home in 20 years wanting to marry his biological sibling.

Do you know someone who is looking into embryo adoption? Are they willing to do an open adoption? If so, send them our way. We have three excellent embryos and I'm more than willing to share any information the couple might be interested in including family medical histories, etc.
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