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Egg Donor Compensation

Posted Oct 05 2009 11:43pm

Alot of woman are motivated by egg donation money. There is also alot of debate around what egg donors get paid and the general egg donor compensation.


This issue causes controvery and strong emotions becuase it is a very emotional and delicate topic. South African egg donation is confidential and anonymous and a fixed egg donor compensation is set - which is really more of a gesture of gratitude for the egg donor's deed of availing herself and going for the egg donation process - for being part of the egg donation program. The amount is not a significant amount to really make woman become egg donors because of the egg donor compensation. South African egg donors are more motivated by the human factor of wanting to assist - they want to give of themselves to people who cannot fall pregnant without their assistance. The amount is paid over in a sealed unmarked enveloped on the day of egg retrieval. This contributes to keeping the cost of egg donation as low as possible - contributing to cheap egg donation or highly affordable egg donation.


People who need egg donation as a means to conceive have not decided on this as a general course, but more because they have suffered extensively to conceive, so keeping the egg donor amount withing acceptable ranges means offering fertility treatment to people who need help - egg donation treatment for all.


baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme - is a South African based egg donation agency offering egg donation online with several available egg donors. baby2mom's egg donors are continuously being screened and assessed to increase the available egg donors for people who need donor eggs. The egg donor compensation amount ensures egg donors want to help and have pure intentions and believe in giving. baby2mom offers immediate egg donation solutions with access to egg donor profiles.

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