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Egg Donation Surrogacy

Posted Sep 21 2009 9:37pm
There are two types of surrogacy and it is important to understand the actual diiferences between these types of third party reproduction - not purely from a defintion perspective, but also from an emotional and psychological angel.  The donor surrogacy is less frequent.
A gestational surrogacy involves a woman offering her uterus for the purposes of pregnancy for another intending parent.  This type of fertility ttreatment will either require the intending parent's genes or donor egg or donor sperm.  The eggs and sperm are fertilised outside of the body and embryos transferred into the surrogate.  This process involves an IVF and is more costsly because of the in vitro aspect.  If an egg donation is also involved, then this is a further consideration. 
A traditional surrogacy involves a donor surrogacy - where the surrogate is also donating her eggs and therefore the egg donor too.  She has more screening required as she needs to be emotionally and psychologically available to avail her uterus and her eggs for another person's pregnancy.  From a fertility treatment perspective, this is less complex as the sperm is implanted into her when she ovulates so no IVF required.  It is substantially less costly.
Factors influencing the type of surrogacy people embark on will be influenced by their financial means and psychological space.  Woman often need a donor surrogacy if they have had damage to their uterus, had a hysterectomy or are at risk of carrying a preganncy.  They may need egg donation if they are of advanced maternal age or no longer have viable eggs.  It is a careful decision to embark on surrogacy and egg donation with the same person. 
baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme - has available woman interested in proceeding as traditional and gestational surrogacy, so whether the requirement is donor surrogacy or other, baby2mom program can guide and facilitate the program along with specialised professionals who can offer careful counselling and guidance to assist intending parents to make the appropriate decision.   
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