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Earth Friendly Kids are Happy, Clean, Environmentally Conscious Kids

Posted Apr 07 2010 12:00am

I've been testing some lovely Earth Friendly Kids cleansing products lately and it's truly been a very pleasurable experience.

Like a lot of mothers, I'm concerned not only by the content of the food my children eat, but also by the products they use on their skin. As I have very sensitive skin myself, for a long time I've been washing the children's clothes in products suitable for sensitive skin or that claims to be kind and gentle. However, I've never really given much thought to soaps, shampoos and bodywashes until lately when my eldest daughter developed dandruff and the backs of my own hands got really sore, itchy and raw and the skin, when dry, developed the appearance of roughened elephant hide!

Having tried a number of well known products both on my own hands and on my daughter's scalp, without much success, I was asked if I'd like to test the Earth Friendly Kids range, a brand of pure, organic, fun, affordable toiletries that have been developed with childrens delicate skin in mind. 

The entire range is free from artificial colours, untested on animals, contains no synthetic fragrances, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates and parabens, is suitable for vegans and is Vegetarian Society approved. I couldn't really see any reason not to give it a go!

Having briefly looked into organic products in the past and even purchasing a few, I was always put off firstly by the price and secondly, silly as it seems, by the lack of lather they produce! I like when a product produces a really rich, thick lather as it tends to make me feel the product is doing its job properly! I'm well aware that rich lathers are often just due to the chemicals added but even so...

Earth Friendly Kids Minty Lavender Handwash Anyway, I had three products to try and three children to get testing them on: Minty Lavender Handwash, Zingy Citrus Kids Shampoo and Body Wash and Unscented Baby Massage Oil. 

Upon trying the deliciously Minty Lavender handwash, priced at £3.99 for 250mls, I was immediately struck by firstly how gentle it felt on my own raw skin (no stinging) and secondly by the lovely luxurious lather it produced. 

The minty smell was an added bonus and although the children didn't comment on how the product felt, they certainly commented on the smell and were very keen to wash their hands every time they used the bathroom - and that's always something to be welcomed! :)

The soap certainly performed well and everyone's hands looked and smelt really clean after use; it even removed stubborn make-up residue from my hands and blue inky paint that the children had been using to make thumb-prints! 

Next, for the Earth Friendly Kids Shampoo and Body Wash, again priced at £3.99 per 250mls. Ours was Zingy Citrus, which smells absolutely divine, although it's also available in Minty Lavender.

Earth Friendly Kids Shampoo and Body Wash Again, the product lathers well and a little goes a very long way; we've been using it for two whole weeks (or maybe a little more now) and there's still half a bottle left! With three children who shower every morning, I'm very impressed.

Something that again has surprised me is just how gentle and light the product feels as it is applied.

Because it also doubles up as a shampoo, another immediate benefit is that there are less bottles lying around the bottom of our shower! Whereas in the past, I've often avoided such products as I find they tend to be a little harsh on the children's hair, this has not been the case at all for my youngest two children. Their hair is sparkling clean and people have even commented on how glossy it looks. It doesn't sting either which is a relief as my children tend to scream the house down at the slightest sign of irritation!

I've also washed my 10 year old daughter's hair with it; however, her hair is extremely thick and for some reason doesn't respond quite so well. I'm not sure if it's because she's a little older, but her hair is just starting to get oily and I find that although the shampoo lifts the excess oil really well, her hair looks a little lifeless after washing it, so I think perhaps she needs something more conditioning, although I must admit I have noticed a slight improvement with the dandruff situation.

Earth Friendly Baby Oil Finally, I was extremely excited to try Earth Friendly Baby Natural Unscented Massage Oil, £3.99 per 100mls. This award winning, eco-friendly massage oil is fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic and it can be used on babies over 7 days old.

With each of my own babies I attended baby massage classes and practised it regularly, so speaking as one who knows a little bit about it I can tell you it's very important to choose an oil carefully.

This particular brand contains a base of sunflower oil, blended with sweet almond oil, sesame oil and shea butter, all of which are gentle on the skin and excellent for dry skin conditions. It also contains the natural antioxidant Vitamin E which ensures the oil will stay free of nasty bacteria! Importantly, the oil is also unlikely to cause or aggravate any nut allergies.

Since baby massage is an excellent way for mums and their babies to bond, Earth Friendly Baby Massage Oil strikes me as just about perfect for its purpose. Regular baby massage can also be used to treat colic, dry skin, improve sleeping patterns, assist muscle tone and flexibility and can also help mums and dads to de-stress. Mums-to-be can also use the oil to soothe their expanding bumps!

As with other parents who've discovered the Earth Friendly range of products, I've been using this wonderful oil myself, concentrating on my poor sore hands - and the results have been nothing short of amazing! My hands are now soft and young again and my husband keeps laughing at me because I'm forever telling him to look at my lovely smooth hands!

Since I no longer have any babies to massage, I didn't get a chance to try it out as a baby massage oil. However, I do intend to pass it onto my sister who has recently given birth, but before I do so I'll be siphoning off a small amount just for me! From my own testing I can say with absolute confidence that it absorbs into the skin amazingly quickly and because it's unscented it doesn't interfere with my usual perfume. It also feels incredibly silky to the touch and leaves just a hint of shine which looks perfect if you're lucky enough to have the weather to go outside bare-legged!

I really can't stress enough what an amazing difference Earth Friendly Baby Massage Oil has made to the condition of my skin. I also know that based upon my experiences using it that my sister will have no hesitation in using it on her baby as it has not caused my usually very sensitive skin any adverse reactions whatsoever.

If you'd like to try Earth Friendly Baby products for yourself, the range is available in Waitrose and other wellbeing outlets, or you can check out  for more information.

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