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Early Signs of Pregnancy or PMS? Severe Bloating, Sore Breasts, Nausea, Dizzy, Gagging, Lower Back Pain, Constant Heavy Sore

Posted by cannonh

For the past week I have experienced severe bloating, nausea with gagging, sore tender breasts, enlarged and perky nipples, dizziness, lower back ache, sore heavy feeling lower abdomen and total exhaustion. I am still 6 days away from my getting my period. I was taken off birth control almost 2 months ago due to the havock it was causing my body.  Am I experiencing terrible symptoms of ovulation & pms or am I pregnant!?
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 It's really hard to say. When do you think you may have conceived? Depending on the last time you had sex, these might actually be the signs of pregnancy. If this was something that happened yesterday or a day ago it would be too soon to notice. With that being said, it's really difficult to say which it is for you. If it's been about two weeks from the time you had sex you could try an at home pregnancy test. They'll pretty accurate, and if you not sure you can still talk to your doctor. They'll be able to clear up any confusions you might have.  

that surely sounds like pregnancy, im 35 weeks so ive been reading stuff like a lunatic. those are symptoms usually seen in your 2cd or 3rd month, go to a walgreens or local drugstore, buy 3 tests. do not take them all in one day, take one when you wake up every morning 3 days straight before you do anything else, if even one shows up positive you need to call your gyno and get a refference to an obgyn and set an appointment asap.
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