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"drama pukes images" and Other Funny Ways You Found Me in 2008

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:36pm
I've gathered some of the keywords people searched for this year that led them to this blog. Some are funny. Some are strange. Some are just gross. I've left out the obvious like Miscarriage Statistics and Types of Miscarriages which were the bulk of the keywords used this year.

baby kickin on my cervix - Yeah, this baby is kickin too.

tattoos cause infertility? - Seriously? I doubt it.

necessary to shave legs while pregnant - Shaving is never necessary. Just depends on if you're into the gorilla look.

huge belly (also huge belly pic ) - If that's what you're into. Nowhere does it say during pregnancy.

obese puking - Ok, gross. Also not about pregnancy.

stabbed in the testicles - Ha, one post about testicles and the crazies come out.

pictures of cervix out of place - Out of place how?

pictures of miscarried embryos (also photos of miscarried material ) - Why would you want to see this?

wheelchair pregnant pictures - I'm confused by this.

terrence howard eye color (also color of terrence howard eyes ) - I have no idea who Terrence Howard is. But I looked it up and his eye color looks brown in pictures.

fathers with testicle can have baby - I would imagine this is true.

tattoo pregnant pubic area - Speechless, yet left wondering what the tattoo is.

leave his testicles alone - Not a problem.

pictures of miscarriages due january 2009 - Just sad. And why does the disturbing picture you are looking for need a due date attached?

what causes vurps - Vurps are vaginal burps caused when air gets caught in the vagina. But seriously, why did my site pop up for this question?

less drama more sugar - I agree.

drama pukes images - Baffled.

spermage - Sperm age or spermage? As in I've got spermage all over the damn place.

jennie garth strict mom embarrassing mom - No clue.

pictures of infertile testicles - Do they look any different than fertile testicles?

pictures of people dislike christmas - That's just mean. I like Christmas.
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