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Dose CLOMID work?

Posted by MrsMc

I just finished my first clomid cycle i was just wondering dose it work??
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it does for some and doesn't for others and the dosage also depends on how your body reacts to the clomid. My first clomid cycle (started at 100mg at bedtime days 5-9) was annovulatory, my second I ovulated but found my progesterone numbers to be low and my luteal phase shortened, I am currently taking my third dosge (the last at 100mg it will go up to 150mg if this cycle is busted) and supplimenting my progesterone with vaginal suppositories- yay fun, not- and hoping this cycle is the one that works.

I have a friend who on her first clomid cycle at 50mg she got pregnant and now her beautiful daughter is going to be two soon.

Really, you just have to try.  The thing with infertility treatments is that it isn't promised that a child will come from it- but rather we change the situation to possibly provide an opportunity, a chance

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