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Don't Be Rash

Posted Mar 21 2010 8:11am
So, it started yesterday morning as a cluster of small, raised, pin-point red dots that were right under my bra line. I chalked it up to a bit of chafing or perhaps even a bit of heat rash.

By midday, it had spread to my entire abdomen and both forearms. It isn't a dark rash (most of the bumps are pale pink or even skin color). You can feel it (like sandpaper) all over my belly and arms. It doesn't look like PUPPS and it only slightly itches. I haven't changed any soaps, lotions, detergents, perfumes, etc. for myself or Will. I use Cetaphil wash and moisterizer and have since I was pregnant with Will.

Any suggestions or thoughts? I have a call into my OB but they are sometimes bad about calling back on the weekend. I am not that worried, but it's irritating and you guys have the best advice for treating the random little pregnancy side effects!

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