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Does pregnacy test come positive when having fibroids tumors?

Posted by MH

My Girl friends periods are irregular. She is having some health problems and fibroids tumors too. She is 40 years and mother of two children. This month her periods were expected to come 4 days ago but its still not started and then she had the pregnancy test which came positive. She has other health problems like Migriane headache, Hernia, and Fibroids tumor. She had two tests one in evening and one in the morning.

Please tell us about it in detail.


Thanks and regards


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If she is 40 and has gotten a positive result on a HPT then she needs to make an appointment asap with her OB/GYN.  Not only because she is considered to be of advanced maternal age, but because of the other issues you have stated which can have an affect on her pregnancy (should it indeed be viable)
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