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Does it sound like i'm pregnant?

Posted by HalleHaywire

im 16. on birth control. me and my boyfriend have used the pull out method without a condom. last month, the night before i got my period, me and my boyfriend had sex. i got sick, and then the next day had my period. ive had sex maybe twice since then. once was a couple days ago, and the other time was sometime after my period. my stomach has been hurting when i stretch out, and it kinda has an empty feeling to it alot. or it feels like im gassy. i feel kind of bloated, but i stopped working out lately, not for any reason like it hurts to, or im too tired, but just because i dont have time. my nipples nor breats are tender. ive been peeing a lot but ive also been drinking a lot of pop, and that happens when i do. also, im suppose to start my period within the next 6 days. my face has broken out, and it always does right before my period. but im really scared. ive been going to the bathroom to check for my period, and nothing. it feels like its coming, but idk. i really cant tell. and i really need to know. i mean im 16, and im not gonna get a tv show. thats for sure... please answer me as quick as possible. im so scared.
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