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Doe you think that heart rate is ok for this gestation?

Posted by lkpenney

I am sorry to bother you with my paranoia. I was so excited to get a fetal heartbeat on the u/s at 5w5d. Doc said it was bout 88 beats per minute. I looked and saw that other ladies were also seeing h/b this early, but the rates were higher than mine (98, 107, 121, etec.) So, I looked it up on google (stupid, I know), and noticed that lower heart rate was a sign of eventual fetal demise  before the first trimester was over. I guess I am just super scared since we had a m/c last June. I know that I am so fortunate to have seen a h/b, but now I am afraid that the rate is too low. I go back on May 5th for another scan, and I honestly think I am going to worry myself sick(er) than I already am. Do you have any pearls of wisdom for me? I saw nothing on Friday but a yolk sac, so to have seen a fetal pole and hb on Wed. was a miracle. Any thoughts...I can take it...
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ovulation date.  I ovulated really 56.  I measured right on target for my ovulation date.

Every pregnancy is different from woman to woman and even from pregnancy to pregnancy in the same woman.

How did you determine how far along you are: last missed period or ovulation date?

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