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Doctors Don’t Always Know Best

Posted Dec 20 2008 7:14pm

I think a lot of new moms are a little crazy. Every little mark on their newborn makes them want to reach for the phone and call the doctor. Personally, I don’t put to much faith in doctors. Especially with my experience with doctors suggesting supplementing.

First of all, the majority of doctors, at least around here, are men. Men just don’t have woman’s intuition and have never experienced being a mommy. Second, doctors learn most, if not all, they know from books and seminars and studies. How many babies are exactly alike?

So, my son was born on Thanksgiving at 6 am. I wanted an early discharge anyway but I really wanted to eat a day late Thanksgiving dinner the next day. The baby was using the hospital pediatrician as ours didn’t have hospital privileges. The doctor said everything looked fine and we should be let out at around 11 if the billy ruben test came back fine.  Well, we got a call at 11 from the doctor.  He wanted us to stay in the hospital for another 6 hours so we could re-test the baby. The baby’s billy ruben was 8.6. Hospital protocol says not to release a baby who has a count of 9 or more.  At a count of 10, they start treatment.

I talked to the doctor and explained that my family has a history of high billy ruben, I had the baby in the sunlight, and I have a hospital basically in my backyard.  I also told the doctor that I would get a new test done at a lab at the right time.  The test had to be about 5 hours from the first test so they couldn’t just retake it.  The doctor told me i could leave if I signed a form saying that I was leaving against medical advice and I would be responsible if something happened.  He was also nice enough to contact the pediatrician we were planning on using and explaining everything to him.

By the time we were discharged and picked up my step daughter, it was time to get him retested.  Long story short, the test came back at a level of 7.9 and we had a wonderful one day late Thanksgiving dinner. The moral of this story is, trust yourself! Doctors often need to follow protocol and are very scared about being sued. You can always get a second opinion and refuse any medical advice you feel is silly.

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