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Do you think I'm pregnant

Posted by TiffanyLyna

During my ovulation window my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex a few times. The day b4 my cycle was suppose to start I got some lite pink cm. On the 1st day of my cycle I was spotting the 2nd day I had some lite bleeding the 3rd day I'm spotting very lite and the 4th day I was spotting brown blOod. My cycle Gose 6days strong it ended early Since then I've been having random lower back pains random breast pain loss of appetite random soreness in my lower abs I burp a lot and I pee a lot at times and I feel bloated in my lower abd. And lately I've been feeling a burning feeling in my belly and mood swings. Someone help me please!!! I forgot to mention I Stoped takin Bc 2mon ago after only taking them for 2mons!! 
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