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Do you think I am pregnant or is it something else?

Posted by justme1981

I had unprotected sex with my fiance on Aug. 2, three times back to back.  I believe be pulled out on time but there were no wait times in between the sex. 2 days later I began to have very slight cramps. I know I started ovulation on the 2nd of August as well.  Since August 4 having mild cramps in pelvic area, lower back pain. Then tow days after that the faint spotting, nausea, lightheadness, bitter taste in mouth, sore breast, and headache for the last 4 days or has started in the last 4 days. I have had ovarian cyst in the past. I want to know what are the chances I am pregnant because I want to give myself the best care.  I have also had two miscarriages in the past as well. It is too early to test.
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All I can tell you for sure is that the last two days of a woman's fertile window are the day of and day after ovulation.


So with that then your chances for pregnancy are that of any other normal healthy couple per cycle: 25%

If you did ovulate on the 2nd then that would make today (sunday)  only 7DPO entirely too early to have pregnancy symptoms really-- at this point it could just be the increase in progesterone (explains the sore breasts and headache along with nausea). 

As for the cramping and lower back pain (and spotting) are you sure the 2nd is when you ovulated? if so then how did you determine that (opk's, monitor, watch, ferning, temp charting, etc)?  Ovulation would explain the faint spotting, the lower back pain and crampy feeling- if that is the case then I'd put your ovulation based on what you have said to be on the 4th rather than the 2nd. 

Even if you ovulated two days later than you believe... that still puts your unprotected intercourse inside of that five day fertile window of three days before, day of and day after ovulation. 

So your chances are still 25% and I would say for an accurate result for at home testing- you still have at the least 7 days (making it either 12 or 14 DPO)

Thanks. What do you think all this cramping is about?  As of today I am still having the light cramps, back pain.......etc....and I had a hot flush that went all over my body last night.  Usually I am cold.  I think I am going to make a doctor's appt.

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