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DHEA - adverse interactions?

Posted by cathy

Does DHEA interact dangerously with other drugs? I am taking 75mg per day of DHEA and will be taking bethamethasone, menopur and buserelin in preparation for IVF treatment. I'd like to know if DHEA is known to react badly with bethamethasone (taken orally) as I will be taking it during the stimulation period of my IVF cycle.



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Thanks very much. Sensible advice. I've been struggling to get answers from my hospital, though the latest is that the nurse seems to think it would be OK to continue taking it. And thanks for your good luck wishes!

I think the safest thing to do would be to go to your local pharmacy and ask to have a consult with the pharmacist.  They would know best how things interact.


Much luck with IVF!  I hope that works for you.

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