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Posted Jul 06 2012 5:48am

Shona and Dexter


Dexter has started learning to swim.  When he turned three he started lessons where he goes in the water by himself (unlike the ones he went to as a baby where I held him).  He was really out of his comfort zone at first and for the first couple he cried his eyes out for the whole lesson.  I was starting to wonder if he was still too young but I could kind of tell he liked it despite the crying.  He seemed to be on a high when he came out excitedly telling me all about the lesson.  Apparently at nursery he was demonstrating what he'd learnt to his friends by lying on the carpet and kicking his legs.

So we persevered and now he is doing really well.  He no longer needs to be held by the assistant and he takes himself from the changing room to the pool by himself and waits in line with the other children who are mostly much older.  I am very proud of him.

Tram trip

The other day Dexter went on a tram trip with his nanny.  He has become a bit obsessed with the Supertram recently and always looks out for it when we drive near the tracks. He was very excited about going for a ride on the tram.  Anyway I got a text from Tracey when I was at work saying, "I think Dexter is going to be a bit disappointed with the tram trip.  He asked when it was going to fly?"  When Tracey explained that it doesn't fly it goes on tracks he said he thought it would fly.

I think I understand where his misunderstanding came from.  When we drive near Park Square roundabout in Sheffield he looks out for the tram on the bridge above us.  He recognises the location as he often mentions it before I do.  I never realised that he thought the tram was flying though.  How cute.

New trampoline

We just bought a new trampoline for the garden. Dexter loves it.  Here he is jumping with his cousin Matt.

Dexter and his cousin Matt

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