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Posted Apr 23 2009 5:25pm

Child you are coming out! My day yesterday shows how determined I am to get this show on the road. After spending the morning re cleaning everything I had already cleaned, and then finding some new little juicy things to clean, I decided one of the best ways to get things going would be to plan an activity that would totally be ruined by my water breaking or something.

So I took advantage of Calgary's beautiful 21°C weather yesterday and planned a surprise picnic supper for Keith! I lugged a blanket and picnic bag down town to the park Keith and I used to walk through on our way home from work each day. I set up by the river bank and then waited to surprise him!

Picnic and motorcycle 002

Picnic and motorcycle 004

He was surprised!

We cozied up by the river and had an awesome picnic supper!

Picnic and motorcycle 009

Celery sticks with peanut butter and chocolate chips!

Picnic and motorcycle 012

Watermelon and strawberries! We also had sandwiches, chips, Teddy Grahams and ice tea! It was soo fun!

Picnic and motorcycle 010

Yum, so nice.

Picnic and motorcycle 013

Picnic and motorcycle 020

The ducks even wanted to hang out at our cool party!

Picnic and motorcycle 029

It was a great way to spend an afternoon, but it did NOT bring on any labour. Bad bad picnic.

I was hoping these would:

Death stairs

Yes peeps, I walked up the death stairs. All 250 of them, being all 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. And I had 2 contractions on the drive home! Success!

But this wasn't enough, I wasn't in labour, I needed more!

Luckily my dad called with a plan. He was talking to his best buddy (who happened to marry my moms sister, so now they are related, isn't that coo!) and he said that when his daughter was overdue with her first he took her for a ride on his Harley, and she went into labour the next day!

Next thing I know my dad is at my door:

Picnic and motorcycle 035

My dad is the original owner of a 77 Bonneville Triumph Motorcycle. It takes a lot of maintenance to keep this baby running and he spent all weekend disassembling and reassembling it! It's amazingly loud, and bumpy and sexy and totally will get this child out of me!

Picnic and motorcycle 032

We strapped into our helmets!

Picnic and motorcycle 036

My dad got her started! It takes a lot of jumping to get her going!!

Picnic and motorcycle 039

Then I hopped on and we set off for a 30 minute ride around the country side! Boy does cow poo smell a lot more intense on a motorcycle, so does skunk.

Picnic and motorcycle 042

We had a awesome ride! I love being on the back of a motorcycle, holding on to my Daddy for dear life! So awesome! One day I will be in the drivers seat (of a smaller motorcycle, rule is if you can't start it you can't drive it! and there is NO way I could get my dad's started!).

Picnic and motorcycle 046

Afterwards my whole lower half of my body was numb. If you have never been on a motorcycle like this before, it is basically like sitting on a dryer cranked up to rocket ship drying speed! I made the comment that who needs an epidural when you have a Triumph! My hoohaa felt like it was all pins and needles. Twinkle seemed to enjoy herself as she was full of activity for the rest of the evening, and I even had a few more contractions, some that even woke me up from sleep!

So hopefully all this stair climbing and motorcycle cruising will have me in a labour and delivery room tonight!

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