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Denny’s Breastfeeding Mom Asked To Leave

Posted Feb 23 2009 10:37pm

The s tory of a  woman breastfeeding in a North Carolina Denny’s who was asked to leave is making headlines all across the country. She was enjoying her brunch when other patrons got upset.  The manager asked her to leave or finish breastfeeding in the bathroom and she refused.  The manager then called the police and learned the woman was not breaking any laws.

The first report I read said that other patrons claimed she was very exposed. However, I am not certain how true this is. I have also heard reports that the baby in question was around 2 years old, which might have caused the offensive.

When I nurse in public I try to be discrete and I do believe nursing a 2 year old mid morning is a little excessive.  However, why on earth was this woman harassed? She did nothing at all wrong. I have nursed at resturants before and for the most part, you have a very small area to do so. Most of the time chain resturants have booths with benches.  There is not much room to fit the baby. Having said this, I would imagine that the child was rather close to it’s mother.  This leads me to beleive that the “offended” party was going out of their way to look at the mother and baby.  After seeing the mother nursing, why didn’t they just look away?  It seems a lot more offensive to stare at someone then to feed your child, doesn’t it?

Stories like this upset me. I can not believe that we still live in such a barbaric society.  When is the last time you went to the manager of a resturant and complained that someone who was formula feeding their baby offended you? I almost feel like we should do this at least once or twice.  Let’s see how society reacts when formula feeding offends.

Anyway, Denny’s has since apologized to the mother and no further action will be taken by either party at this time. Let’s just hope this is the last time this happens in this country.

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