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Deeper learning in the Wise Woman Tradition

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:46pm

I have been studying Susun Weed's teachings for over 8 years now, and each spin around the spiral brings me deeper into my understanding of the Wise Woman Tradition.  From the start, reading some of her writings, I felt a sense of familiarity, like she was speaking of something I already knew.  I devoured my first book of hers, Healing Wise, the second Wise Woman Herbal.  Then, living cross country from the Wise Woman Center, began to further my studies with her Green Witch correspondence course.  It was wonderful! and carried me through my first pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.  It also may have been partly responsible for my choice to move back to my childhood northeast, where I was able to study even deeper, taking classes, son in sling, at the Wise Woman Center.

Each year, each class, each rereading of Healing Wise, brings me to newer, deeper understandings of the Wise Woman Tradition and how it relates to life around and within me.  Of course my next step was obvious, and I have begun now the Spirit and Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition correspondence course.  Though these courses are great for those who live far from the Wise Woman Center, I find it also wonderful for me to take my learning into my home and my daily life, and allow me to keep studying with my son nearby.

I would love to share my learnings as I go along in my course.  My inspirations, questions, passions aroused...

Until my next post I would love to leave you with an introductory article to read: Spirit and Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition and this small excerpt from it:

Wise Woman Tradition is the world's oldest healing tradition. Its symbol is the spiral. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Life is a spiraling, ever-changing completeness. Disease and injury are doorways of transformation.  Each one of us is inherently whole, yet seeking greater wholeness; perfect, yet desiring greater perfection. Whole/healthy/holy. Substance, thought, feeling, and spirit inseparable intertwined.

Blessings Always,
Karen Joy

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